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All breeders listed here adhere to GLFRA's Code of Ethics.

Deer Creek Rattery
Robin MacDonald
Northville , Michigan
Specializing in Russian Blue, Midnight Blue, Shadows & Burmese/Black-Eyed Siamese in standard, dumbo and dwarf with satin, Harley and standard coats.

RaffinHouse Rattery
Tony Halm
Fremont , Ohio
Specializing in Blue, Russian Blue, Platinum,
Pearl , Cinnamon Pearl , etc.

Rat Dippity Rattery
Kat Lovings
Traverse City, Michigan
Specializing in loving family pets in a variety of colors including Fawn, Blue, Black, Cinnamon, etc.

Ratlandia Rattery
Mellissa Manzagol
Big Rapids,
Specializing in Hairless, Agouti-based colors, Platinum, Russian Blue, etc.

Jenni's Mischief
Deb Gircsis
Brunswick, Ohio
Specializing in Russian Blue, American Blue and Mink dumbos in standard coat, rex and hairless.

Shalimar Rattery
Sarah Bishop
Specializing in Russian Blue, Burmese and Siamese.
Not currently breeding

Silver Fuzz Rattery
, Michigan

Specializing in marked rats in American Blue, Russian Blue, Platinum, Siamese, & Burmese.
Not currently breeding, but this website is very informative.

Tiny Toes Rattery
Nikki Scott
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Specializing in manx and bi-colors in various colors and types.

Not currently breeding


Great Lakes Fancy Rat Association does not guarantee, recommend, or endorse any breeders, their ratteries, or their individual animals. Buyers should be certain to check all matters regarding registration, health, quality, and temperment with the breeders or sellers before making any decision to purchase an animal from any of the above listed breeders.

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